Uniform Motion

Who said the Brits and French can’t get on? Definitely not Uniform Motion, an illustrated indie-folk outfit founded by British musician, Andrew Richards, and French illustrator Renaud Forestié in 2008, and joined by drummer-keyboard player, Olivier Piotte, in 2010.

The trio’s music draws its essence from Newton’s first law: that a moving object tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it.

During its live performances, the group nests a luminous pop-folk sound on colourful live-sketched illustrations that are projected to a video-screen, resulting in a hypnotic audiovisual experience.

Uniform Motion’s 5 albums were released independently and many have discovered the project via its blog, where the band regularly document their DIY approach in total transparency, candidly discussing their many experiments (album and concert crowdfunding, collaborative videos, online gigs) and openly questioning the economics of the digital music industry.

Instrumental versions are also available.
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