Guillaume Eluerd

Frenchman, Guillaume Eluerd (pronounce L.U Air), was born in Versailles, France, in 1970. His personalDNA test states that he’s a considerate artist. I met him and I can second that! (And I’m sure he’s a lot more!). After releasing several electronica records under the name of NIMP, Eluerd released his first and only solo ‘songwriter’s’ album in 2007.

As a scriptwriter in the computer gaming industry, Guillaume spent a lot of time making up stories and trying to figure out what imaginary people would say to one another in made up conversations. His music seems to come from the same thought process. Midway between the roughness of Americana Acid Folk luminaries Devendra Banhart and the aching and subtle beauty of Sweden’s José Gonzalez, Eluerd’s songs hypnotise the right hemisphere while entertaining the left.