fabriq is 15!

fabriq turned 15 on April 1st 2021! 15 years ago, it seemed like a good idea to launch a new record label on April Fools. As only total and utter fools would set up a record label in 2006 with filesharing being ubiquitous and CDs on their last legs, let alone all those music streaming Lire plus …

New Voice-Over Project

Check out this wonderful video produced by Franck Fougère at Follow Me Productions. We had the honour of doing the voice over. They wanted it sound a bit like the internal dialogue of an Australian surfer. "ANTARCTICA" UHD 4K 2'50. from Follow Me Production on Vimeo.

New inabreath video

Check out inabreath’s brand new (double) plan-séquence video! All audio and video shot in one long take. No editing or trickery! Just blind luck and maybe a bit of skill. Don’t forget to subscribe to the inabreath Youtube channel if you want to stay up to date on the project.

News from Uniform Motion

As you most probably already know, Uniform Motion ceased to exist in March 2017. But the former members of the band have been keeping busy so we thought you might like a quick update. Andy has been learning to play the piano, writing some songs for a documentary called Untie The Lines and providing keyboards and vocals Lire plus …